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DevOps unites the often isolated functions of software development lifecycle (Dev) and operations (Ops) into a single, integrated, and continuous process. It is a response to the interdependence of software development and IT Ops that leverages people, processes, and technologies to stimulate collaboration and innovation across the entire application lifecycle management (ALM) chain.

Coforge DevOps enables a continuous workflow from development to operations by ensuring more predictable releases. Coforge’s goal is to enable engineering teams and organizations to deploy features faster with quality. We work with your team using constructive processes to understand your project goals, organization’s maturity level, and analyse the current state before setting a roadmap along with clear recommendations. Our DevOps solutions also uncover previously masked people-and-process communication issues to generate positive business outcomes.



Airline Operations
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  • Increases deployments by 300%
  • Increases agility when deploying environments by 200%
  • Reduces team size responsible for releases from 10 people to 1
  • Provides 100% visibility into IT processes and requirements
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