BizDevOps (Business, Development and Operations) is an extension of DevOps to bridge operational with business data, emphasizing collaboration, communication while automating the process of software delivery using tools and technologies. Aimed at establishing direct impact of application changes to business outcomes, thereby strengthening application governance from business perspective. Business View of Coforge’s DevOps Platform applies across all phases of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

While DevOps emphasizes efficiencies, BizDevOps extends to derive impact of investment on new features to enhance customer experience. BizDevOps is a unique solution weaving Business to Development and Operations, unlike DevOps adoption and implementation.

  • Single View to Business and IT thereby establishing a Common language between Business,
  • Development and Operations enabling productive collaboration.
  • Automated translation of operational efficiencies across ALM to business outcomes.
  • Establish feedback loop from Business to IT.
  • Enable Business to establish roadmap for application changes in line with desired business outcomes.
  • Increase Business agility to respond to changes in IT.
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