Coforge Amyra​

Automate Your Service Desk, Reduce Your Budget,​ and Keep Your Workforce Productive​

For years, Service Desk agents have been overwhelmed by end-users asking the same questions over and over again. When that happens, it increases the support cost, mean time to repair (MTTR), and workforce productivity. In addition, the most strategic initiatives don’t get the attention they deserve.​

Coforge Amyra, our AI-based Virtual Support Agent, solves this problem. Amyra brings ease to the end-users by introducing virtual assistants into the workplace giving employees the kind of self-service experience that they have come to expect from their consumer lives. Amyra automates the resolution of employee’s questions, issues, and requests with personalized experiences that result in employee adoption and reduced Service Desk call volume.​

Amyra also scales to meet the most demanding increases in call volume, enabling IT to support the workforce through any crisis. Additionally, Amyra can easily handle repetitive work done by human agents, saving valuable dollars while keeping the workforce productive.

Our Approach

Amyra Changes The Support Paradigm​

Employees Become More Productive​

Our end-users adopt Amyra easily because it uses the same familiar interface of MS Teams that our employees use to communicate, collaborate, and connect. It provides them with immediate answers that are personalized for their job roles. If Amyra doesn’t have an answer, a ticket is automatically generated and routed to the appropriate service team, providing a seamless handoff from Amyra to the agent. This saves valuable employee time, makes them more productive, and increases their job satisfaction.

Natural Language Processing​

Employees Become More Productive​

Amyra includes natural language processing (NLP) technology and provides our employees with conversational knowledge delivery. Built on a unique architecture, it maximizes the ability to understand what employees are saying without requiring them to carry a decoder ring. It analyzes user input, aims to detect user intent, and identifies the relevant answer, knowledge, or automated process.​

Our Approach


Always Available–No Wait Time​

Amyra works tirelessly on a 24x7x365 basis, and you don't have to worry about one of them signing off for a leave. It can handle repetitive and mundane tasks, such as resolving queries, logging a ticket, guiding users, and numerous other activities simultaneously with relative ease. With Amyra taking care of the everyday humdrum, Service Desk agents can focus on critical business aspects​.

Lower Cost
Infinite Productivity
Quicker Resolutions
Always Available

Enterprise Use Cases​

There is a multitude of use cases that Amyra delivers across the entire enterprise. It is important to identify use cases that will make the biggest impact from the start—both in terms of employee adoption and ROI. While many customers start with a single department, such as IT or HR, they quickly add more facilities to ensure that employees have one place to get answers for all their workplace questions​.

IT Use Cases

  • Log, track, & escalate your tickets
  • Get instant support
  • 24x7 Support coverage
  • Password reset
  • Get your questions answered and queries clarified
  • Software provisioning
  • Service Catalog
  • Lot more…

HR Use Cases

  • Employee wellness
  • HR Policies
  • Onboarding
  • Leave requests
  • Open enrollment FAQs
  • Provider requests
  • Life moments help
  • Travel Policy

Facilities Use Cases

  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Order and Tracking
  • Stationary Catalog
  • Guest Request
  • Mails and Courier
  • Campus directions
  • Order furniture
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