Application Factory

Managing applications for desktops and servers is an expensive and challenging proposition for many global enterprises. This has compelled organizations to deploy new techniques such as application packaging that help enterprises pack applications as per installation requirements for a specific environment including corporate standards and processes. This enables streamlined deployment/configuration/upgradation/patching with minimal administrative support resulting in reduced application management costs. By implementing an application packaging strategy, organizations can help reduce administrative costs while providing business benefits.

Coforge has set up an application packaging factory wherein using best-of-breed tools and processes applications are packaged for client specific environments. We prepare standard, structure software installations targeted for automated deployment. Our core team specializing in rolling out packaged applications manages the complete lifecycle-package request, technical evaluation of the source, packaging, capture, editing, testing, quality assurance, package loading on deployment tool and UAT of the application, in client’s environment. By enabling fast, standardized software installations, Coforge’s application packaging factory is designed to minimize and avoid business disruptions caused by software failure—thereby reducing costs for IT support and business operations.

  • Preparation of application packages for both in-house commercial software and applications
  • Customized applications
  • Thick and thin app packaging
  • Quick deployment/configuration
  • Installation on demand, repair and roll-back
  • Installation in locked-down environments
  • Elimination of uncontrolled software downloads and installation
  • Scriptable API
  • Maintenance of Managed Desktop Environment (MDE)



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Why Us ?
  • Proactive approach to managing IT infrastructure and application landscape
  • Single pane view of performance indicators for infrastructure and applications
  • Simplify application delivery and management of landscape
  • Improves productivity by preventing wastage of man-hours in troubleshooting and root cause analysis; savings of approximately 8000 man hours per year/40% per year
  • Applications can be quickly installed on a range of desktops in multiple locations, saving administrative costs Reduces total cost of ownership of applications
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