Digital Service Desk

Service desk is the face of IT operations for both internal and external customers. Traditionally, service desks used to focus on low cost per call and faster mean time to resolution. However, with digitization, the concept of service desks has changed. They are now expected to optimize operational efficiency and boost customer experience, which can be achieved by establishing accountability and defining roles for individuals. Coforge’ Unified Digital Service Desk backed by Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology acts as a link between service providers and end-users.

Coforge’ best-in-class consultants proactively inform users about relevant events, actions, and changes in service that will affect them—resulting in high customer satisfaction. We provide users with an informed single point of contact for various IT requirements. End-to-end ownership of incidents helps us provide a near in-person experience to our clients. Using ElfTouchTM, proactive, automated, non-intrusive self-healing solution for endusers, Coforge aims to go beyond call deflection and eliminates calls completely.

Key Features:
  • Automated ticket management
  • Centralized access to vital information
  • Reduction in manual efforts and high level of remote interaction
  • Automation of notification and escalations
  • Proactive support, self-heal, and self-help solutions
  • Increased focus on customer experience management
  • Multilingual support
Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Work-life balance—user enablement and engagement
  • Enhanced usability—user-centric model
  • Early adoption of technology—flexible yet secure
  • Reliability through standardization and reduced human errors
  • Improved performance of existing processes with automation
  • Improved operational efficiencies using streamlined methodology
  • Simplified, standardized, and optimized operations
  • Reduced incidents, faster resolution, and improved user experience
  • Scalable, efficient with non-linear growth
  • Reduced support cost
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