The dynamic nature of the services industry creates a very challenging business environment for companies to survive and reduce downtime. With the advent of new technologies like cloud, mobility, etc. and improved communications and globalization, the services industry is inching toward transformational models that add value. It has become increasingly important for companies to focus on Shift Left approach to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency coupled with accurate and timely information for business success.

Using ElfTouchTM we employ Shift Left strategy in order to solve end-point (PC, mobile, variables) problems even before they occur, taking operational efficiency to a whole new level. This is possible through the improvement of efficiency by going beyond call deflection to eliminating calls in the first place. While most big and small players find it difficult to sustain linear growth, this transformational strategy encourages us to explore opportunities beyond the customary approaches.

ElfTouchTM focuses on optimizing service and support operations by equipping service desk operators to respond to multi-channel support requests effectively. Armed with such highly advanced tools, enterprises can eliminate factors that negatively influence productivity, reduce expenses and offer multiple value added services to the end users while enjoying sustainable growth!

  • Pre-emptive Support: Implemented on your device, it detects, diagnoses, and resolves issues in a matter of seconds without the user even realizing an issue occurred and was resolved
  • User-friendly Interface: You get a single pane management console for all your devices including laptops, desktops, mobiles, tablets, wearables, and others.
  • Lightweight: The software occupies only 8 MB to 10 MB storage space on the user's device, ensuring easy resolutions without being resource-intensive.
  • Non-stop: Even when the support staff troubleshoots to resolve issues, the user can continue with his regular routine without any productivity loss.
  • Scalability: An easily configurable database ensures new resolutions developed by our highly skilled professionals are constantly updated.
  • Flexibility: Out-of-the-box integrations with ITSM tools for auto ticketing, resolutions and custom real-time dashboards.
  • One-Stop Solution: ElfTouchTM serves your need for mobile device management, auto resolution, end-point monitoring and reporting and self-help resolutions



Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • 20-30% cost savings
  • 20-40% ticket avoidance
  • 25-50% reduction in handling time
  • Upto 85% first call resolution
  • 20-30% increase in efficiency of agents
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