Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

Coforge’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) services focus on mitigating risks associated with Business-Critical functions of an organization and aim to improve the organizational resiliency and the ability to react to any type of technical disruptions. BCM is more of a necessity than an option for continuous delivery of IT services and a pre-preparation to avoid business impact due to unforeseen events. Coforge’s BCM provides a comprehensive management and support system towards continuity planning, disaster recovery procedures, emergency response & crisis management, adherence to regulatory compliances, testing, and training to seamlessly sail through a disaster. Our indigenously developed and mature methodology towards Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Management Strategy is in line with commonly referred industry standards, such as ISO 22301, ISO 22313, ISO 27001, ISO 22320, ISO 31000, ISO 27000, ISO 28000, NFPA 1600, and NFPA 72.


Key Features – Coforge’s Business Continuity Management Offering 

Coforge's Business Continuity Management provides a matured methodology for Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery of business processes/systems. BCM initiates with Business Impact Analysis to develop mitigation strategies followed by crisis response and recovery procedures to ensure resilience and long-term survival during disruptive incidents. Our methodology enables development of precise and concise Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to meet the business needs of our clients. Our flexible service model from a consulting engagement to managed service enables improvement of business-critical processes for continuous delivery, lowers the risk of interruption, enhances stakeholder and client confidence, secures a competitive edge, and ensures conformance to regulatory and contractual compliances.


Strategy Development
Strategy development is a phase within the Business Continuity Management planning process. It is the summary of preventive/mitigation strategies to develop crisis response and recovery procedures that need to be implemented between the occurrence of a disaster and the time when normal operations are restored.


Tactical & Operational Response
This phase covers the development of:
- Disaster Recovery procedures comprising business processes and technical systems, and facilitating their recovery
- Command & Control Systems for effective communication management
- Emergency & Crisis management team with appropriately defined accountability and ownership


Assured Resilience
Successive iterations of mock drills, trainings, and awareness validate the maturity of Business Continuity procedures of an organization to effectively respond to disruptions. This phase addresses operational gaps by identifying change in ensuring organization resiliency throughout the BCM lifecycle.


Maintenance & Continual Improvements
Establishing process to constantly monitor and evaluate changes in the business processes, resources, and their interdependencies; periodic tests of business and infrastructure recovery procedures to identify gaps and remediate them to maximize business benefits while minimizing business impact.

Key Benefits of Business Continuity Management

Coforge's BCM services focus around preparation for potential crises to minimize the impact of disruptions. Our pragmatic approach enables return to productive operations as quickly as possible after disruption/failure of your business processes, services, IT services, or systems. Our proven methodology for Business Impact Analysis and Risk Management provides comprehensive guidance and support to implement BCM, through program &  project management as managed services followed with disaster recovery planning and setup , business continuity plans, recovery procedures, business services resiliency, incident and emergency response mechanism, training, testing & validation (mock DR drills) and documentation in support of acquiring ISO-IEC 22301 certification.

key benefits
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Why Us?
  • Improve the stability of business processes
  • Predictable and effective response to crisis
  • Better understanding and management of business-critical functions
  • Conformance to Recovery Time and Recover Point objectives
  • Protect brand reputation and enhance stakeholder & client confidence
  • Regulatory/legal or contractual compliance
  • Lowering the cost of business interruptions
  • Fostering a competitive edge
  • Creating an integrated risk management system
  • Enablement for ISO-IEC 22301:2019 certification
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