RPA in Media

The media industry is moving toward digital as consumers gain easy access to content online and via other digital channels. This transformation, steered by technology and social change, is ensuring that media channels become more fragmented and media consumers are more empowered. Although this creates multiple revenue streams for media companies, there is a dire need for cost-reduction.

Global and digital convergence and rapid pace of change are pushing media companies to reduce their production costs and produce reliable output. They need to both streamline efficiencies in print operations and enhance their digital business.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers a viable solution to media companies for streamlining back-office operations and also frees up resources for building the digital business.

Some of the examples of Media back-office processes that can be automated through RPA are:

  • Ad order entry and ad booking
  • Finance and accounting operations
  • Reviewing errors such as words and spell-checks in files
  • Automation of back-end transactional processes.
  • Automated checking and correcting phone numbers from the lists in the database
  • Data entry in high volume in repeatable computer-centric processes




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Why Us ?
  • Cost-savings
    • Ensures significant cost-savings as repetitive work with high volumes has most potential for automation and high cost benefits can be achieved by automating these processes
  • Focus on higher-value tasks
    • Enables employees to work on more critical tasks by automating manual and repetitive ones, thereby generating higher revenue for the organization
  • Increased efficiency
    • Enables automation of back-office activities leading to improvement in efficiency by up to 60-80 % in processes such as validating directory information, auditing of ad data etc.
  • Improved accuracy
    • Achieves greater accuracy by embedding requirements into automation rules and thus preventing error rates.
  • Adherence to compliance
    • Ensuring compliance and security as per industry regulations
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