Our Technology Vision

Our technology vision is to help our customers deliver swift, impactful and ethical outcomes for their end users by leveraging technology. Technology Innovation Centre is our research arm where we undertake multiple initiatives to realize this vision. At the center, we make relevant investments in people, processes and infrastructure to build capabilities on emerging technologies through Incubation, Innovation and Collaboration.




Incubators are key to engineer solutions that explore art of the possible with new technologies and their business possibilities. We focus on providing resources that bring our workforce and customers together to incubate new solutions that exploit best-in-class tech platforms.


Digital Foundry is our single engineering platform that brings together all our digital assets that can jumpstart innovation and/or transformation initiatives for an organization. It boasts of 7 studios – Dx, Interactive, Data, Cognitive, Cloud and Quality Engineering Studios with over 40 digital assets.

Design Studios and Innovation Labs provide best-in-class infrastructure and leading edge tools, devices, gadgets and platforms to cocreate and innovate with employees, SMEs, clients, academia and industry experts for innovation and incubation of new ideas.


Innovation as a culture rises from within, to promote this we charter an annual calendar to stimulate employees’ innovation-related attitude and experiences. We encourage our entire technical community to participate in organization level hackathons, technology conferences, problem solving workshops and technology sessions.

Ignite is our real-time, interactive, ideation platform for employees that enables exchange of engagement specific ideas and build engineering solutions that generate value for our clients. In last 5 years, some 16500+ ideas have been submitted out of which 4000+ have been implemented, generating around $40m value for our customers.

SimpliCrowd is an entirely volunteer based crowd-sourcing platform for the workforce to empanel themselves to learn, adapt and create with new technologies. The platform enables hands-on experience and builds value for the organization simultaneously.

Innovation as a Service is our offering to help our customers leverage our Innovation journey. We help them in early technology adoption through sandboxing experiments and proofs of concepts. We also provide end-to-end solutions that help create a long-term innovation culture in the organization through focused orientation programs, design thinking concepts and ideation days.



We encourage diverse skilled experts to come together and learn from each other on emerging technologies by providing them online and offline collaboration opportunities.

iShare is our online platform to encourage sharing of new ideas, use cases and explore new technologies but sharing and learning. We run business and technology hackathons to get the technical creativity out and provide a playground for workforce to come up with innovative solutions to generic and specific problem statements using contemporary know-how in AI and ML.

TechCon is our annual technology conference that brings the workforce engagements and innovation work together on a common platform. We promote open innovation as we involve the external speakers, technology partners, start-ups and clients to demonstrate the art of the possible, seed ideations and out of the box solutions.

Tech Talks are knowledge sharing sessions streamed for the entire staff to disseminate new ideas, thought-ware and new solutions. These talks have enabled evangelists to get feedback on their new solutions and syndicate with others to improve and refine new concepts.



We strive to deliver value to our customers by creating unique business solutions leveraging technology. Our endeavor is to help them scale, stay lean, nimble and trustworthy.

  • A Note From The CTO's Desk

    Tech in 20s From smart phone to smart cars to smart cities, technology became a force to reckon with, changed paradigms of disruption and demonstrated to the world what is art of the possible with emerging technologies.

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    As the humanitarian coronavirus crisis continues, many organizations have voluntarily or forcibly adopted new-age technology and tools.

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    Quantum computing is among the five trends of the industry. Both organizations and governments are investing heavily in the field of quantum computing because of the potential it has. Discover the trends, get a glimpse of what all problems quantum can solve, and know the nuts and bolts of how to approach quantum computing strategically.

  • Straight Through Processing of Feedback Forms

    Sharing experiences around automating a manual process taking 60 days to straight through processing within minutes using Coforge’s SLICE Framework. A leading specialist travel operator captures feedback using handwritten forms which are manually fed into their CRM system. This document talks about how this process was automated using AI / ML to improve efficiency in operations and reduce cost. It also describes the challenges in adoption of the solution when taking it beyond a proof of concept to a full-fledged production roll out.

  • Building Digital Identity Management System on a Blockchain Platform

    Blockchain-based Identity Management solution provides various approaches to deal with issues related to the privacy and security of a user's identity information. Read this paper to know more details on the reason for the change in the existing Identity Management solution and how Blockchain can be used to bring trust and resolve the complex problems in identity management.

  • Our Experience with Text Summarization

    Generating a clear and concise summary from voluminous text has hitherto been a manual process done by experts. This paper explains about use of various AI technologies to summarize text from documents. Financial Research reports have been used as a use case for this analysis. Some of the algorithms that have been used are Topic Modelling and Text Rank algorithm.