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The client wanted to build the most efficient cargo terminal in the region. Because of land issues, the terminal is vertically built and is designed on the principles of JIT. The biggest challenge faced by the client was to design the right Cargo Management System to cater to the business processes accurately.  

About the client

A leading provider of airport services in cargo handling in Asia, and the world's busiest airport for cargo traffic. There are over 95 international airlines providing about 900 scheduled passenger and all-cargo flights each day and 160 destinations worldwide. 

Business Challenge

This includes the capability to systematically handle the following operations:  

  • Import operations (like arrival control, documentation, transfer manifest, warehouse, etc.)  
  • Export operations (like acceptance, departure control, transit management)  
  • AWB Management  
  • ULD Management  
  • Track and Trace Functionality  
  • Flight Management  
  • Warehouse Management (Space Allocation, Transshipment Dwell Time, etc.)  
  • Incidence Management  
  • Report Generation (Cargo Tonnage, AWB, Staff productivity, Mishandling, etc.) 


Our Solution

Coforge developed and implemented a highly flexible, scalable, and efficient core system (Warehouse Operating System) and integrated it with the most advanced Material Handling System to ensure that the new terminal meets its program's goals of increased efficiency.  

As part of the newly developed cargo management system, few innovative modules that were developed are as follows: 

  • Automatic Truck Control System 
  • Automation of Claims and Service Request 
  • In-Depth Analysis 
  • Mobile-enabled workforce 

The solution developed for the client has all the processes directly mapped to the cargo management system, which in turn provides a 100% accurate view of the shipments. All the cargo-related functions have been incorporated in the CMS thereby preventing any manual intervention or paperwork at the terminal.  


  • Improved Ground Handling 
  • Reduced Cargo Mishandling 
  • Enhanced Revenue 
  • Real-time information updates 
  • Reliably fast response time 


Delivering more Value

Capability of the cargo handling system: 

  • 10,000+ AWB transactions / day 
  • 400+ flights/day 
  • 600 concurrent users 
  • Average 100,000 EDI messages / day 
  • Cargo handling capacity increased by 50% (7.4 mn tons pa) 
  • Trans-shipment time reduced by 37% (8hrs to 5 hrs) 
  • More Savings: Cost savings of 12000+ hours per year as a result of a reduction in the overall effort 
  • More Velocity: Reduction in release time leading to faster time to market 
  • More Collaboration: Faster teamwork & higher service transparency 
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